Berry nice overnight oats

I try to switch up my breakfasts each week without overcomplicating things, and one of the ways I like to do this is by using different fruits to flavour my overnight oats.

As one of my go-tos, overnight oats are practically fool proof – I use a ratio of 2:1 liquid to rolled oats, top them with yogurt and nut butter, and leave them in the fridge to grab when I’m on my way out.

I rarely measure things, I just fill up my nutribullet three quarters of the way (around 2 cups) with any fruit I feel like and then fill the rest of the way with filmjolk, almond milk or a combination of yogurt and water, blitz it until smooth, and then stir through about 1.5 cups of rolled oats.

The result is always super creamy, sweet and delicious, and feels like a topical smoothie on the go.

I’ve popped a recipe below for one of my favourite combos, but feel free to mix up the fruit depending on what you like or whatever you have on hand – you can’t go wrong!

This recipe makes enough for three serves, which I try to eat within three days.


2/3 cup frozen raspberries

2/3 cup frozen cherries

2/3 cup frozen strawberries

1.5 cups filmjolk

1.5 cups rolled oats

6 tbs greek yogurt

3 tbs almond butter


1 tbs chia seeds

1 tbs LSA

1 tbs hemp seeds


Blend fruit and filmjolk until smooth, then transfer into a bowl.

Mix through oats and any add ins, and then divide evenly into three clean and dry jars.

Top with almond butter and yogurt, secure lid and set in the fridge at least overnight, and up to three days.

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