Two ingredient chocolate mousse

First I gave you hummus brownies, and now my friends, hummus mousse.

Well, not quite hummus mousse. Aquafaba mousse.

Have you ever noticed chickpeas and legumes tend to bubble when rinsed under running water? Turns out the liquid they are suspended in – known as ‘aquafaba’ – not only bubbles, but can also be whipped into stiff peaks and as used as a vegan egg white or whipped cream alternative.

While I’m not vegan (or vegetarian, pescatarian, paleo, raw, low carb, no carb, keto, etc) I was curious to try my hand at whipping chickpea water, and found myself pleasantly surprised.

It did take longer to form stiff peaks than eggs whites or cream would, however the consistency was incredibly light and fluffy, and as far as I could tell, the mixture could not be over-whipped, unlike its traditional counterparts.

I have big plans for this cloud-like foam moving forward, but I thought I’d start simple with chocolate mousse.

I have actually been experimenting with different ‘healthy’ chocolate mousse recipes using chia seeds over the last few weeks to no avail, so when I saw the aquafaba forming such perfect peaks I knew it was meant to be.

Despite my initial expectations, there was no savoury flavour or chickpea aftertaste, which I attribute the the long whipping process incorporating a significant amount of air into the mousse – it at least quadrupled in size, if not more.

I served it with raspberries and a little desiccated coconut which was more than sweet enough for us, however if you do have a bit of a sweet tooth you could add a teaspoon of stevia or maple, or your preferred sweetener.

From what I can tell from online sources, aquafaba has very little nutritional value or calories, so this mousse is pretty much as good for you as the chocolate you choose to use in it.


Aquafaba from one 400g tin of chickpeas (just drain them over a bowl and save the chickpeas for hummus or brownies)

50g unsweetened dark chocolate, melted and cooled

*Serves two


Using electric beaters, whisk the aquafaba until stiff peaks form – around 10-15 minutes. You’ll know it’s ready when it holds its shape, even if you tip the bowl.

Using a spatula, incorporate one tablespoon of foam into the melted chocolate at a time, ensuring it is well combined each time before adding more. This is important to ensure the chocolate doesn’t split.

After you’ve combined around 5-7 tablespoons of chocolate and foam, poor the chocolate mix into the remaining foam and fold through.

Poor into two glasses and allow to set overnight in the fridge. Top with berries and serve cold.

2 thoughts on “Two ingredient chocolate mousse

  1. I made mine with carob syrup as I cannot eat chocolate (yes, its a tragedy). Naturally I ate a bit at the time (lucky) but popped the rest into separate single serve containers for consumption over the next few days. Unfortunately it deflated over night and had to be washed down the sink (yes; also a tragedy). So, perhaps a note to self that it should be consumed on the day (not a tragedy at all, really!).


    1. Hi Donna, thanks so much for sharing this – and so sorry it didn’t work out for you! I think the chocolate helps to set the mousse as it firms back up, which may have contributed to yours deflating. You may have some luck using chilled aqua faba and chilling the foam again before mixing through the carob syrup and serving it straight away 🙂


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