Hello, I’m Nat. 👋

I’m 25 and live in Melbourne.

For as long as I can remember, I’ve been a tinkerer. A tinkerer of things and of foods, always trying to make something new, always wanting to use my hands, always trying to figure something out.

As a little girl, I’d hover around my mum in the kitchen wanting to do something, even if it was as simple as mixing (and licking) the bowl, or tentatively watching muffins rise, millimetre-by-millimetre, in the oven.

When I got to high school, I’d spend my days looking forward to hospitality where I could flex my creative muscles and cook for credit.

Then at uni, I turned my passion for cooking into pocket money, and started selling cakes under my would-be business Icing Icing Baby.

But something funny can happen when you enter the real world and start full-time work. Your hobbies and personal passions can be left behind in the busyness of life. Even if you love what you do professionally – which I do – it can be easy to put the wooden spoon down in tiredness and forget to pick it back up again, so to speak.

I started this blog to reignite my love for cooking, but I’ve continued it as my own personal motivation to keep on doing the simple things which bring me joy, in the kitchen or otherwise.